Decide NOW what to do when trigger feelings come today


May the sunrise bring hope where it once was forgotten…” – Iron & Wine

I hope that this day’s sunrise did bring you hope.  Hope for a better day, hope and a conviction within yourself that today you will be better than you were yesterday.

Give a moment’s thought to one of your shortcomings yesterday.  Think about how you fell into that error.  Think now what were you feeling leading up to that choice.  Today let your focus be on that feeling that lead up to the mistake.  If and when you feel something similar today, decide now how you will take a different action. 

If yesterday you felt lonely, and you decided to binge on some ice cream to make yourself feel better.  Today, decide now what different action you will take if and when that feeling of loneliness comes. Decide perhaps to go walk around the block, or to call a friend, or to travel down to a starbucks to read among other people in your community.  Whatever it is, decide now what you will do when that trigger feeling comes. 

Then, when that feeling comes, stick to what you decided.  Stick to it. 

Tezi & I hope this is helpful.  We hope to hear from you. 

Here’s wishing you a wonderful day!

God bless you.

12 thoughts on “Decide NOW what to do when trigger feelings come today

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