We Want to Interview You! (Promote Your Message/Site)

Jeremy and Therese would love to interview you on YouTube!  

As part of the regular content that Stockman214 provides, we want to produce video interviews with like-minded people, people who are using their voice!  People just like YOU.

Would you like to be interviewed by Stockman214 for an installment of this regular video interview series that will publish to YouTube?

20151031_181217If you believe you’ve found your voice or have a message that you’d like to share, Tezi and I would love to interview you. We are very interested in people who use their voices for good, people who have found their voice and are out there every day inspiring, motivating, educating, or helping others, no matter how quiet you may seem on the outside or how small or large your deeds may seem to others, we’d love to help you share your journey with others.

Here is how it works:

Thérèse and I plan to film interviews with various such people via Google Hangouts, Skype, or Blab, to then be briefly edited and posted onto YouTube for the benefit of others. We believe these interviews can bring to light real world stories of people who may very well inspire others in their own journeys.

If you are interested in being interviewed for Stockman214 or you know someone who you believe would be good for us to interview, please contact us at


Please let us know your name and/or the name of the person you’re nominating, along with your/their email address, and/or other social media outlets by which we may respond to you.

Please give us a brief description of yourself (or the person you’re recommending), telling us briefly how it is you found your voice (or are finding your voice), and how you’re using your message on your journey.


* * * * * * * * * * *


In case email is a difficulty for you, please contact us at one of our other social media platforms:












IMG_20151029_004325*Tezi and I believe that the most “ordinary” people are doing extraordinary things every day with their talents and time, and we know that many times these things go unseen or fly under the radar. The truth is, if you’re reading this page right now, it’s likely that you’d be great to interview, and we would love to do so. So don’t be shy, and don’t feel as if you’re being prideful by putting yourself forward, because the way we see it, it’s our duty to share our stories for the benefit of others who may be experiencing (or have experienced) similar things.


This post is to draw your attention to our new Page located permanently here:


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