Find Your Voice on YouTube, WordPress, at large!

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The most used search engine in the world, by far, is The second most used search engine in the world, by far, is YouTube. Not everybody knows this. But this fact has many implications, most of them very good. This means that people are utilizing YouTube to find information like they would have in an encyclopedia or books at the library years ago.

I believe that we are still in the infantile stages of YouTube’s growth. I believe that interaction via video, recorded or live, will continue to grow and be part of the normal landscape of human interaction, and yes, even research.

I must confess that I am an avid YouTube watcher, and Tezi has been at various times. (These days she spends more time on Facebook than YouTube.) Regardless, whether it’s watching a YouTube video to find a recipe for guacamole, or how to install anti-virus software on your tablet, or how to decorate your flip-flops, or even how to properly throw a frisbee forehand – from the DIY projects, to the family vloggers, to the beauty channels, to the extreme sports, to the gamers, from ultra hi-tech to old ladies sharing their knitting tips – YouTube is the encyclopedia of today. Only it’s far more exciting than Encyclopedia Britannica ever was – it’s dynamic, it’s interactive, it’s colorful, moving, fast, musical, and it’s free*.

AND it’s just waiting for you to get involved, it’s just waiting for you to be part of it – to be a creator, not simply a consumer. To add to the knowledge base that is the ever-growing world community via YouTube. Tezi and I believe that there is a lot of good to be done via these interactions, utilizing these technologies. Wherever people go, there must go the church. Just as there are people who need help on the street corner, so too there are people in need across that computer screen. Tezi and I hope to encourage, motivate, and even edify people in the online community by sharing our voices, our stories, our lives, our testimonies. By being honest about our hurts, habits, and hang-ups, we hope to inspire others in a way that fosters their own growth, leading them to find their own voice, and thereby extending the circle of those being helped in an ever larger community.

fyv_vw_wagonThis video (above) is the first installment of the Stockman214 “Find Your Voice” series, wherein our mission is to empower others with skills and to better their own creativity, so that their own voice might shine through the clearer on YouTube, through WordPress, or what other medium they so choose. And yes, this includes face-to-face, hand-to-hand, conversation and discussion.

If you’re reading these words right now, perhaps you’ve contemplated contributing your own talent and vision to some community somewhere, no matter what it might be, and we hope that this first video encourages you to take that next step. Join us, reach out, find your voice. We’re here, we’re taking this chance, we’re doing the same thing, we’re trusting God, and we’d love for you to be a part of the journey.

If you’re interested in staying connected with us, please subscribe to our YouTube channel, leave your email here on this website, leave your thoughts in the comments, share with your friends, and know that we wish you the very best.

Thank you for reading and watching. We post new videos every Tuesday.


*YouTube is actually far from free, if you consider the fact that at least an internet capable device is required and/or a connection to the internet, and as ubiquitous as they may seem in Western culture or in the first world, there are still millions of people to which such technology remains enigmatic.

12 thoughts on “Find Your Voice on YouTube, WordPress, at large!

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