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Tezi and I unbox and review this incredibly useful wireless keyboard from Logitech, which allowed me to turn my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone into my “laptop” computer for well over two years!

And yes, with this little keyboard you can do it too!  It works with any Android device (smartphone, or tablet), or any Windows device… so it’s very versatile.  It uses bluetooth technology so it’s fast, easy, and seamless.

[Below is the transcript to the video, provided for your information]


Hi. Welcome to Stockman214. Today we are unboxing, or shall I say unbagging the Logitech bluetooth wireless keyboard for your Android cell phone, tablet, or even a Windows device. It’s a great little device that I’ve owned for about a year and a half now. This is a brand new one that I had to get replaced, I’ll be telling you all about it. Here we go. [violin music] Alright, so here we have the Logitech keyboard. We’re gonna get this thing opened up. Can we call it an unboxing video if it’s unbagging? To me it’s the same. Not quite as pleasing though, and I can’t use a knife. Let’s see. Oh, very nice, it’s still in it’s packaging. This is a brand new unit. Come take a good look at that. This is our Logitech tablet keyboard, again for Android devices or Windows devices as you can see here advertised. Logitech has kind of established itself as a good manufacturer for mouses and keyboards, and things associated with and surrounding computers, even webcams and whatnot, for the consumer market. I came across this, it might even be almost two years ago. I found it online, and what I liked about it was that it has a case that folds into a stand for the device that you’re using, and it works out really well. It basically turned my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone into a laptop when I would have it working that way. Which I did a lot, I did a lot of writing, blogging etc, right from this device, using this keyboard.

So when the unfortunate happened, which is to explain how this new one is in my hands – that old, good device was dropped by me a couple of times onto hard black asphalt, and it finally took one fall too many. Because it is a plastic device – if there’s any downside to it, it is made of plastic completely, there’s no metal at all in its frame. And so that gives it a little bit of fragility. But hey I got almost two years of use out of it, and it was a great device for that, and I used it literally almost daily, if not several times a day. So anyways here we go, come take a look, we’re pulling this thing open. Again, I did exactly what I did with the Alienware, which is I opened up the box backwards. But you see here, it sets in like this. The first unit I bought was a used keyboard, so I didn’t even have the joy of all this unboxing pleasure. We’ve got some paperwork and whatnot, it’s actually a great plan right there for Logitech, take a good look at that. They have all their support phone numbers, etc., around the word. So not a bad thing, putting some faith there in the Logitech brand. So, we will set that aside as well. We’ve got it in plastic here, we’ll give you guys a good look at this very well-designed, smart keyboard. What I like about this thing is, it’s easy to hold – this is very un-slippery, it’s not easy to slip out of your hand. And the functionality is great, it fits well, you can fit it in both ways which I’ll show you.

But here I’ll take this out of the case just like that. You see there the keyboard, so you got these two separate pieces. And I’ll show you, before I get to the keyboard itself, just ‘cause it’s fast and easy – this is how this stand works, you see the whole thing kind of folds open and apart. And this unit – that bottom piece folds, right under there, forming that little triangle. And that of course, is your stand, if you imagine this was your tablet, your cell phone. I would show you me using it with my Note 3, but the Note 3 is filming this right now. But you can imagine this kind of scenario. You’ve got your tablet or phone, and you’re here, just like that. It’s great, functional, works well in your lap, etc. And the fold up is just as easy, you’re back there ready for your case. Very very smart. So, before we take a close look at this keyboard, I want to give you some advice. This keyboard sells, right now, for as much as $69 on Dell.com, which is way too much to pay. This particular one – brand new, out of the box, you saw that just now – was only $37 at Jet.com. So look around online, you can find some good deals. The first keyboard that I owned, the one that I dropped and broke, I owned for nearly two years – I bought that one used, I believe for only $25. So you can save a lot of money on a really good device, so don’t just go buy the first one you see.

So come on in, let’s take a look at this, and I will tell you a bit about this keyboard which is super functional and very, very well designed. The keys here, very soft, have a nice amount of travel. It feels excellent to type on. Logitech has been making keyboards now for quite some time, and I think they’ve really just got their skill honed very well, and they have a good product. You will notice that there are no keys on here to enable it to do a multiple device function. You’ll see some keyboards online currently have that ability, to go in there and just hit a button to go to one device – that’s my keyboard, and that’s my desktop, and that’s my tablet. This one does not have that ability, but that was okay for me. I used this solely to type on my Note 3, which is filming this video right now, and I had no other need for other devices to be paired with this keyboard. So for me it was just a perfect combination. But if you need multiple device functionality this would not be the keyboard for you. But I will say, what’s nice – because it is made for Android and Windows devices, all these blue keys here, with the function – for example you can skip between tracks on Pandora or Google Play, etc. – works excellent. Volume controls – you’re on the phone, you can use your keyboard remotely to control your volume etc. Works very well, it’s an excellent product. So go ahead and take a look here.

You can see the side of the keyboard, the angle there. Again, it’s very lightweight. Here’s the back with the Logitech branding, as well as these rubber pads to keep it from slipping and sliding. Here is the battery door, it takes four AAA batteries. And then the one sole button on the back is the connect button, which will only be used when you’re pairing it to a brand new device. You simply press that button (once there were batteries in and all that) and your device, whichever it was you were using, would get a little notification with four numbers, or maybe it’s five sometimes. You type those in, and they’re paired, it works excellent. And that way, every time you’re in the vicinity and you’ve got it turned on, they will automatically pair up, it works extremely well. So, in short, I’ve got nothing but good things to say about this Logitech wireless bluetooth keyboard for your Android or Windows device, including your Samsung Galaxy Note cell phones. Works like a charm, just don’t drop it, it doesn’t take drops very well. Tezi and I would like to thank you for watching. Please like this video if you enjoyed it and would like to see more. Subscribe if you haven’t subscribed. We’re having a lot of fun making these videos. We’re just getting going as you can see and so we would love all of the support we can get. One thing Tezi and I are really proud of is that we’ve been closed captioning all of our new videos, and we’re actually working on eventually closed captioning all of our old videos, which of course will take some time. But Tezi is an excellent typist, she’s very fast, and she has been typing out the transcript to these videos and posting them for Google to do the closed captioning. So that’s a pretty awesome thing to provide and we’re excited to do that. Let us know what you think in the comments, of this keyboard if you’ve owned it, or owned a different keyboard. We want to hear your thoughts about the channel in general. Say hi to Tezi in the comments. And we thank you for being here. Find Your Voice. [violin music] [bloopers] or even your Windows device – stay tuned.

Tezi: Yes we did it! I think we got it, I think we got it.


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