Jer & Tezi Welcome YOU to Stockman214! (Our YouTube Channel)


Tezi and I made a channel trailer where we get a quick chance to introduce you to ourselves and our youtube channel: Stockman214

It’s a great opportunity to give new viewers a place to start their experience with the channel, as well as put some names to the faces and voices of the videos.  We hope you like it and ask that you please come by and say hello to us!  What an easy way to make new friends, right?

The video features some of Tezi’s violin performance, which is always a treat and a blessing!  We’re using her performance of a brief segment of the Last of the Mohicans score as intro and outro music for our videos.  She did a great job recording the material, and like a pro, nailed it in just a couple takes.

There’s still a lot more work to be done, and a lot more to come, by God’s grace, and we’re really happy that you’re here right now.  We hope you enjoy seeing two people use their voices.  May it encourage you to use your voice!

You’ll see on the table some of our “favorite things…” just hints and tastes of the things that make us tick and interest us.  Thank you for watching.  If you haven’t already please subscribe to Stockman214 on YouTube as well as here – we’re looking forward to interacting with you.

(Be sure to watch the bloopers at the end of the video!  Quite fun!)


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About Jeremy

Glad to have a second chance on life, by God's grace.

11 thoughts on “Jer & Tezi Welcome YOU to Stockman214! (Our YouTube Channel)

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