Jer & Tez UnBox the Alienware 15 laptop in HD!

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One of the most important pieces of any new project such as is the core computer to process, edit, catalog, and distribute content.  It was imperative, therefore, to acquire a computer that was both powerful (multi-functioning), and mobile!  The Alienware 15 r2 is exactly that computer.  The beautifully crafted laptop has enough power under the hood to manage every task we throw at it, including editing gigs and gigs of HD video, as well as the incredible ability to be folded up and tucked into a backpack for use on the road, at a nearby Starbucks, or at home.

The laptop is a blessing indeed.

So, wanna see the fun moment we opened up the FedEx package?  Check out our unboxing video!

We have had the laptop for less than a week, but it’s performance editing the video above was amazing.  It’s been a joy to work on and with.  After we have about a month of use we plan to do a more in-depth review on the laptop.  Stay tuned.

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4 thoughts on “Jer & Tez UnBox the Alienware 15 laptop in HD!

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