Another Blessed BLAB Session: Jer & Tezi getting the hang of this


So Monday night’s blab went really well.  Thankfully, and maybe even surprisingly. When something goes so well the first time: see our post about our first time doing a BLAB session– there’s going to be some trepidation about the next time, thinking maybe the first time was a fluke.  But we’re very happy to report that our first awesome experience on BLAB wasn’t a fluke at all.  

Our second real, full BLAB session, proved itself to be even more robust, longer, and better attended than the first. The topic of the night was “What keeps us together and what divides us?”  We discussed very broad perspectives on that question. We framed it in a way that could relate to relationships, whether they be romantic or familial, or even in terms of work relationships, global relationships, etc.

We spoke to a number of people with unique backgrounds, some even with expertise, and Tezi and I both enjoyed the edifying and even inspiring conversation that ensued. We had dialogue with a life coach, who was very well-spoken and inspirational, as well as a professional woman who had spent time working as a public speaker. Not to neglect the input from the rest of the participants, who shared their own personal insights and experiences. The BLAB platform has enabled us to connect with a growing group of people, whom we otherwise would not have come across. some from as far away as across the country, some from across the ocean. It’s been a unique and intriguing experiment in human connection and it seems that we’re only now cracking into the potential of this social network.

20151017_193756This is also a topic that we touched on last night: the fecundity of BLAB as a bridge between people. As one participant last night brought up, the fact that we are not only hearing each other’s voices but also seeing one another keeps the interaction very human, despite the technological interface.   That personal element of the relationships on BLAB has been so refreshing, like meeting someone in person, that human element is often lost in certain internet forums which are only text based. For example, many people know that Youtube commenters, hiding behind anonymity, are able to leave sometimes very abrasive, offensive, rude comments (Trolls), that they would likely never say in a “real life,” face-to-face situation. BLAB supports the human element which allows real people to talk with other real people, and that combination is always pregnant with potential for new understanding, new hope, and deeper compassion.

Tezi and I look forward to our next blab, which will be at 1:01pm this coming Monday, October 26th – “Blab for the GOOD: Coming Together to Help Others (Find Your Voice).”

Allow us to close here with the words quoted last night by Mr. David the life coach: “Inspire people with the dream in your heart, and shock them with the dedication of what’s in your hand.


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