Scars: do you see hurt or healing?

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You can look at a scar and see hurt, or you can look at a scar and see healing.  ~ Sheri Reynolds

There’s a lot that could be unpacked from this quote, but one aspect that jumps out at me at this moment is just how much of our place in life today is not dependent on our past, but is based on how we perceive our past. Our lives are sure to bring us scars, whether they’re emotional scars, psychological scars, or physical scars. We have the choice every day to decide if we’re going to let those scars depress us or serve as a basis for a pity party. Or, we can see those same scars as evidence of how far we’ve come, or what strength we’ve learned, or the magnitude of God’s grace.

As one who bears many scars, too many of which were self-inflicted, I choose to see that these can be some of the most inspirational realities of our lives. When we choose to contemplate or reflect on our scars, we are choosing to embrace who we’ve been, in juxtaposition to where we are now. One danger with a scar that’s been present for years is that we can almost forget that it’s there. So allow my words to be a prompt, not just to see your scars as inspiration and motivation, but to give yourself a good one over and see if there are any scars you’ve lately neglected to consider.

But don’t stop with yourself. When you see the scars of others, do your best to see a person in the midst of healing, and not just a wounded animal. Perhaps it’s your call to bring some healing into the life of someone who may see only hurt.

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