In Joy & Hope We Move Forward (Even Busting the Blab)

20151012_175412Tezi and I tried to make our scheduled blab last night, but it didn’t work out at all. First off, we were late to begin by a few minutes, and once we were actually there we ran into some technical problems.  After some fiddling around with various interfaces we successfully began the discussion BUT we (read: Jeremy) after only a few minutes unadvisedly  closed out the blab not knowing that to do so ended the blab completely, basically cancelling the scheduled connection.  So… we made a brand new show, but at this point it was already (probably) a lost cause.  We blew it; and we’re sorry.  Last night did not go as planned and we regret that.  We did wait in the new blab for a while, but to no results.  So we called it quits and went to a movie.

Thank you for your patience with us as we continue to learn and improve our ability to utilize these various technologies, including this blog, to better serve you.  “Stockman214” is still very much in the beginning stages and we have a lot of work ahead of us.  As you can see just from a brief look around, this website is very much under construction and subject to the various distractions and other responsibilities that any busy life brings.  But with the passage of each day we hope (and are working towards) being that much closer.  Building this project is not unlike finding your voice.  It doesn’t happen right away, and it certainly doesn’t happen without a lot of trial and error.


Regardless of our shortcomings, which are many, know that we’re excited to engage and interact with you.  We look forward to seeing when and where God will open doors, for we know He will, for God is gracious indeed.

20151012_155132As an aside, Tezi and I had a wonderful time yesterday.  The day began with moving some belongings into storage, where we had fun going through some old photo albums and what not.  After, since we were sweaty from the heat, we went down to the beach just in time to see the sunset.  It was gorgeous.  We threw the disc around for a while and then spent some time body-surfing in the waves as the sky burned orange.  Truly wonderful.  

After feasting at Wahoo’s (we were so hungry after the long active day!) we had our Blab fiasco and then went to see a $3 showing of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.  We enjoyed it.  Jeremy maybe enjoyed his circus peanuts even more.  🙂

With gratitude and hope, we thank you for your interest and prayers for this endeavor of ours.  We look forward to the next scheduled Blab Monday, October 19th at 9:31 pm (Pacific Standard Time).  Click to join us!



Jer & Tez  


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