The greatest of all mysteries is love.

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No life is happy without mystery, and the greatest of all mysteries is love.

-Venerable Fulton J. Sheen

Whether you find yourself seeking love or struggling through a love lost, whether you’re enjoying the beauty of love at its fullest or are either happily or unhappily single, Tezi and I would like to offer to you that God is not done with you. We’re called to find the meaning and value in our current state, whatever that might be. We are to learn from it so that we might be people tomorrow living more love, more compassion, in more humility.

Suffering?   Find the virtue God would have you work on… 

Joyous?   Live in gratitude and awe.

(these ideas are not my own but have been shared with me by people wiser and holier than I.   Thank you for letting us share them with you).

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