Our First Time on BLAB (Part 2) – come blab with us!


You may want to read the previous post “Part 1” on this topic first.  Just click here.

What a surprise and blessing that “Blab” experience turned out to be. Tezi and I finally successfully started and hosted a blab that we titled “Why are relationships so difficult?” We very quickly had other participants join our discussion (Tezi thinks this sentence should have read “we had other blabbers join our blab” 🙂 ). Three of these participants turned out to be really sweet people with hearts for God, and we continued a rather lengthy discussion with them, which proved to be edifying and even inspiring. This discussion even ended – as hard as it might be to believe – with a group prayer suggested by one of the other participants. Needless to say, Tezi and I underestimated the Blab platform’s ability to connect us with other thoughtful people of faith.

All of this has inspired Tezi and I, and we have already begun brainstorming and planning how we might begin doing regular scheduled blab discussions, so powerful and meaningful we found last night to be.

So, dear readers, consider this an invitation to join our first scheduled Blab discussion:

This Monday, October 12th, at 8pm Pacific Standard Time (11pm Eastern time – sorry, East Coasters…).

Our topic will be “Dating issues: Different Faiths?” If you’d like to join us JUST CLICK HERE, or cut and paste this link: https://blab.im/jeremy-stock-dating-issues-different-faiths

Give the topic some thought – perhaps you’ve known someone in a mixed faith relationship, perhaps you are or have been in one yourself. Come blab about it with us this Monday evening!

We’re very excited about this new platform to interact with you, and we look forward to meeting and talking with you!  God bless you.

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