Our first time on BLAB (that new video chat thang)


So Tezi and I (meaning I) decided to try out some new social media technology. It’s still in beta form, and it’s called Blab. It’s basically a live video chat room wherein you can host any range of topics you’d like. You go on your webcam and basically begin chatting with people from all over the world. Sounds fun, right?

Enter technology.

Our first attempt using my (Jeremy’s) antiquated senior citizen of a computer, was to enter an ongoing Blab chat room. The hosts were very nice and let us in as co-hosts right away, only to find that our webcam was not working. Thank you technology.

Take Two: Tezi’s computer.

We decided to try Tezi’s computer to start our own Blab discussion, and here is that story. Tezi and I were, shall we say, unsuccessful, unless you consider us talking to one another, as we would do together anyway, with nobody listening or watching (save that one guy that popped in for fifteen seconds). But then, Tezi and I began having some fun just talking and telling our story to one another, of how we met. On social media, on Blab, online, on cam, with nobody listening. And it was fun – until Tezi’s computer overheated (we failed to mention that it’s about 100 degrees in Southern California at the moment and feels even hotter at Tezi’s abode), and immediately shut off (we did come to find out however that there was a recording, which we look forward to watching later). So then, onto Take Three.

Take Three:

We thought we would give Tezi’s iPad a try at hosting a Blab, so we got it all setup (with a new topic, since the last one garnered no interest), selected our hashtags, pressed Start Blab, and were immediately prompted with a notification that….(care to guess?) it wasn’t going to work until we downloaded the app, which took about twenty minutes. So we’re onto Take Four! Wish us luck, we’re about to let technology back in the room.

By the way, we’ll be attempting to discuss why there are so many different Christian groups. We’ll let you know how it goes.

(And hey, if you’re ever on there- come say hi!)

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3 thoughts on “Our first time on BLAB (that new video chat thang)

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  2. Thérèse

    Hi Bethany! It was really great talking with you, so glad you enjoyed it too! We’re going to be hosting a blab again Monday night at 8pm – hope you can join us! 🙂
    And thanks for checking out the website! As you can see it’s a work in progress, we’re just getting things going. We appreciate you being here, and hope to talk to you again soon!
    ~ Jeremy and Tezi


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