Friday night Ultimate: Championship game

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Tonight was the championship game in the Friday night Ultimate Frisbee league in which I was captain of the Orange Team “#OtheD” as we were inexplicably called.

We came into tonight’s game having won our semi-final game last week, defeating Blue team for our chance to take on the undefeated Black team for the championship.  Our record was second best in the league.  So it was only fitting that Orange (2nd place in standings) take on Black (1st place in standings), and Blue (3rd place in standings, having 2 losses to Orange, and even a loss to White) taking on White (4th place team with one win in the season). 

The entire league was rooting Orange on to beat the undefeated (and therefore hated) Black team.  And I’m proud to annouce that we did not let the league down!  Tonight, in a highly competitive and often intense game, Orange team defeated Black 15 to 12 to win the title as Champion team, and giving Black their only loss of the entire season. 

It felt good.  🙂 

Orange played hard, and when things got intense- though Orange lead the entire game, Black was able to bring to within one point at least a couple times- Orange kept their wits about them, and played focused, relatively mistake free friz. 

My role was primarily in a Handler role tonight, so though my name wasn’t often on the stat sheet, I am proud to say that I did not commit a single error in the game, and I made a couple diving and rolling catches into the wet and cold dirt to make saves. 

God is good.  There were no injuries and for that I am very thankful. 
Tonight’s game concludes the fall Friday night league.  The winter is starting up in January.   I’m waiting to see if I will play or not.  Depending on some things that may or may not happen in my life, I’d like to think that maybe I won’t be down here that long… but most likely, I will be, and I will most likely sign up for the league. 

My thoughts and prayers are always with my loved ones and family.  I hope that all is well with you and that you’re experiencing God’s blessings.  Thank you, dear reader, for your interest. 

~ Jeremiah

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7 thoughts on “Friday night Ultimate: Championship game

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