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This is a sad story.  It is made more sad when we realize this is just yet another such case in hosts of examples.  (and these are just the ones we learn about… Think of the thousands that we don’t know about yet because the cases haven’t been publicized, or even their innocence acknowledged yet.)

This is why steps need to be taken to lessen prosectution power.  Our system greatly favors police and prosecutors.  This might have been a good practice in more just and honorable times (if there were ever such times), but that time has clearly passed. 

Prosecutors and police know all too well their own virtual immunity to sanction or consequeces to their actions in their believed pursuit of “justice.”

Inform yourself.  See what you can do to make sure these people don’t suffer wrongfully at the hands of government authority.

Peace be with you all.

(excerpt from Garrett’s Convicting the Innocent, page 214)

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