Extra Cash Lying Around? Obama Needs It…

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said today:

“To avoid large and ultimately unsustainable budget deficits, the nation will ultimately have to choose among higher taxes, modifications to entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare, less spending on everything else from education to defense, or some combination of the above.”

Let’s re-cap here.

01.  10% of Americans are unemployed.

02.  The nation is still reeling amidst a major economic recession.

03.  Few people have enough money for essentials, let alone extra money for spending on non-essentials.

04.  Businesses (the ones that are surviving at all) are doing what they can to stay afloat, many having already laid off good portions of their employees and are still reporting losses.

05.  Americans saw these factors– saw the price-tag on a government take-over of healthcare– and they soundly and repeatedly expressed their opposition to the healthcare bill.  (In every poll, right and left, Americans opposed Obama’s healthcare bill by at least a 3 to 1 margin).

06.  Obama and the Democrats, wanting to ‘make history,’ defied the will of the People and forced government-run healthcare upon us.

07.  Obama and the Democrats are now preparing the ways in which they will force us to pay for it.  Obama and the Democrats are concocting new taxes to take even more money out of our pockets.

You tell me.  How is it that taking more money from American citizens like you and me and putting it into the claws of government is going to get us out of the recession?

You tell me.  Since when is the problem of the recession that average citizens have too much money?

You tell me.  Did not Obama himself claim that the healthcare bill is “paid for” and that it will even “save” us money? If so, why then are we in dire need of new taxes, or massive spending cuts (as Bernanke states)?

You tell me.  Was it not just a week or two ago that this bill was forced down our throats and they’re ALREADY breaking the ground for new taxation?

You tell me.  If this doesn’t make you sick to your stomach, what does?

Get ready, America.  The government is going to force you to purchase health insurance—oh ya, another financial obligation to add to your list of bills.  But don’t worry, government will help you pay for it as long as you ask nicely and fill out the proper paper work.

George Orwell is rolling over in his grave.  It’s 2010, yet we’re being slowly imprisoned in 1984.

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52 thoughts on “Extra Cash Lying Around? Obama Needs It…

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