Three Reasons Healthcare is a Time Bomb

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The Healthcare bill that Obama recently signed in opposition to the Will of the People has many deceptions and trickeries.  Three are rather sickening.

The bill is signed into law now but:

  1. The government will not force Americans to purchase medical insurance until four years from now.
  2. Privately owned insurance companies will not be forced to accept clients with pre-existing conditions until four years from now.
  3. The government will not begin financial assistance to those who can’t afford to pay for the insurance they’re forced to purchase until four years from now.

What does this mean?  It means that the real and substantive changes to our healthcare system will not be enacted until AFTER, possibly well after, Obama isn’t even President anymore.  In the very least, it postpones the teeth of this new “reform” until after at least two election cycles (allowing law to become settled, allowing Obama and other Congressmen time to fudge and spin their stories).

In other words, the United States has been forced to purchase a time bomb, but it won’t explode until four years from now– well after a lot of these charlatans and crooks aren’t even in office anymore.  They’ll be living on their six-figure income “pensions” while the rest of the country– you and me– are left holding the bill and left subject to the radical changes this bill will wreak upon the nation.

How convenient for President Obama.  Is this the sort of Change you expected?  Is this a government of the People?  Is this your government?

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3 thoughts on “Three Reasons Healthcare is a Time Bomb

  1. oddnotunusual Post author

    Another analogy: Healthcare

    We’ve been forced to purchase a new car that is far beyond what we can afford. But guess what, even though the car payments start immediately, we won’t be receiving the car until years from now. Oh, and when we get the car it might not run so well. In fact, it just might explode.

    How’s that for a deal?

  2. acitizenusa

    Difficulty lies not only in the healthcare bill but the fact that every single voter for this president is naive and self-centered (what’s in it for me), not to mention blind.

    You may not believe this but the night of the vote as well as yesterday individuals that voted for Obama said to me, “What healthcare bill?”

    Both left me speechless.

  3. oddnotunusual Post author


    thank you for writing. the amount of political ignorance across this country is indeed frightening. it’s probably one of the main reasons this country has become what it has– people simply don’t pay enough attention.

    apathy. fear it.


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