Still Debating Healthcare? Yes, Obama Won’t Drop it…

Gots2Chat recently asked: “Are we STILL debating healthcare?
Yes, we’re still “debating” healthcare because Obama and the Democrats won’t take “no” for an answer.  The American people have spoken again and again: we, in the strong majority, do not want the sort of ‘reform’ that the Democrats are pushing.
Pure and simple, the Democrats must to drop the topic completely and focus more on National Defense and Homeland Security.
(Btw, even IF the American people wanted Obama’s plan, which they don’t, we cannot afford it.  Period.)

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92 thoughts on “Still Debating Healthcare? Yes, Obama Won’t Drop it…

  1. shirleyblondina

    The freedom to go to the doctor and not worry about paying far exceeds all other arguments against healthcare. The doctor also does not need to worry about getting paid! Many diseases are caught in the early stages. A version of Obama’s healthcare has been used in Canada for years. A happy Canadian

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