Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine

      15 Comments on Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine

I could have easily titled this: “Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Obama’s Healthcare Reform.”

Friends, listen.  Listen closely.

When will President Obama and his fellow Democrats realize that no means no?  The American people oppose, by a 2/3 margin, the healthcare legislation Obama is trying to ram down our throats.  Yet, he isn’t giving up.  Consider that.

A government by the People, for the People?

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15 thoughts on “Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine

  1. futiledemocracy

    We in the UK have socialised medicine, and according to the W.H.O, we are 18th in the World. America, is 36th. Our child mortality rate is better, our life expectancy is better, and we pay less overall per capita.
    We still care about our sick and injured. I’m so proud that i’m not a Right Winged American self centred selfish shit. We know that you Americans who actually have money, do not care about those who don’t. We know you’re selfish. It’s a fact of American Capitalism.
    Obama is doing the right thing.
    If anyone pays attention to anything the Neoliberalists in America say anymore, after the past eight years of misery, then more fool them.

    1. oddnotunusual Post author


      Thank you for sharing your opinion.

      I didn’t know that 18th in the world was something to be proud of. If gold is for first, silver for second, and bronze for third… your system must rank at about tin-foil?

      Clearly both our systems need help. The way to fix the American system is to (if possible) take government out of healthcare, and to create more opportunity within the private system for competition and innovation.

      Our goal is #1. Not 18th. And sadly, my friend, I can predict with all too much assurance that your country’s health care system will never better 18th (if it’s even there now).

      Read and study history.

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