For So Many Things Am I Thankful

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Here I sit before my laptop computer listening to Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis In D Major, savoring each sip of warm Trader Joe’s Chai tea made with whole milk from the perfectly contoured Starbucks mug my mother gifted me last Christmas.  I am a blessed man.  Grace beyond the beyond.

All the world and our country with it might be teetering on the precipice, all the planets to collide and fall in behind, yet one brief moment taken in repose and I see how bright the sun shines yet another day.

Somewhere south of Los Angeles my beautiful sister pursues her goals, seeking that happiness that hopefully evades none but a (necessary) few(?).  I think of her so often, my heart warming upon each hope, lightening with every prayer on her behalf.  “Wild horses, we’ll ride them someday.”

Mom and Dad have stood by me through it all.  Never have I known the feeling of rejection, a feeling of neglect, never did I have to question my standing as a child.  So strong has my parent’s love been over the years, I consider myself among the most fortunate.  I know how many cannot claim the same.  It humbles me to consider it.

My friends, more worthy than I.  Truly Mr. Beam’s words are true: “my friends they are jewels twice and beautiful and few.”  Where would I be but for their perennial avenues to escape, laughter, wisdom, and advice?

That I may still find love… that romance yet kindled is but smoldering until the rain is removed and the spring air may invigorate it- burning bright anew.  A new season fills me with hope.  How can I not be thankful?

What is a youth? Impetuous fire.

What is a maid? Ice and desire.

The world wags on.

A rose will bloom

It then will fade

So does a youth.

So does the fairest maid.

[but not yet…there is still so much time.  So much time.]

(From Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet, 1968)

May you, dear reader, find that hope and experience that piece of happiness in a measure both grand and lasting.  “May God grant you those happy years he has withheld from me.”  ~Goethe.

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2 thoughts on “For So Many Things Am I Thankful

  1. mose idoi ose

    you are the sunshine in my life. you are so smart and inspiring. i love you so much. thanks for writting that, im not gonna lie i may have cried. 🙂


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