Obama: Seven Deadly Sins

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Obama: Seven things he got wrong (at least so far).

01.  Healthcare:  instead of ramming through an excessive social spending bill that the vast majority of Americans do NOT support, Obama should have listened to the voice of the people and killed the bill and his efforts to pass it. He could have then devoted more time to truly pressing issues such as the war in Afghanistan and the actions of Iran, not to mention the economy.  Instead of fighting tooth and nail for a government  take-over of 12% of the economy– spending we can’t afford– Obama should have been fighting tooth and nail to destroy North Korea’s ability to create nuclear weapons.

02.  Afghanistan.  Instead of giving McCrystal the minimum number of troops asked for, Obama should have put his full support behind the military’s “surge” plan (that Obama says he supports)—if you’re going to do it, do it right.  Second, Obama should not have spoken about predetermined troop withdrawal, which he did as a political move, and for no other reason than to abate the Left.  This political maneuvering puts his party-politics before national security.

03.  Defense Spending.  Instead of signing into law last week’s Defense Bill that contained 4.2 billion dollars of pork spending, Obama should have stuck by his word and vetoed the pork- using the “savings” to fund the production of more F-22 strike fighters. Instead of building the world’s most advanced fighter jet that would guarantee air-superiority for years to come, Obama is giving hundreds of millions of dollars to things like visitor centers and museums.  It’s pathetic.

04.  Iran.  Instead of trying to be the ‘nice guy’ president who gets along with everyone (even tyrannical regimes), Obama should take swift decisive action against Iran for its continued movement towards nuclear weapons.  Stern words will not suffice to cow Iran’s dictator, it is going to take precise military action.

05.  North Korea.  Remember Obama’s stiff words warning North Korea to refrain from launching a rocket?  Remember when North Korea launched that very rocket?  Remember those U.N. sanctions and strong words warning North Korea to cut it out?  Remember when North Korea launched another rocket?  Remember that Obama is our Commander in Chief?  Shouldn’t something be done about it now, BEFORE North Korea reaches nuclear weapons capability?  When will Obama realize that his smooth talking (that earned him the election) is not sufficient to the Presidency? Precise, direct military action is required to quell regime’s like North Korea’s in order to stay their ability to create such weapons.  Not war, tactical strikes.  In and out.  Send their military infrastructure to the stone age.

06.  Climate Change.  Instead of flying to Copenhagen to partake in the political puppet show, and instead of taking the time and energy he used to spin the results of Copenhagen—making it seem substantial when even members of his own party concede it was a useless failure—Obama should have been focused on the actions of Iran (mentioned above) as well as putting his energy into the U.S. economy (mentioned below).  This is the mistake he has made again and again, putting party politics—playing to his left base—before the real needs of his country.  Drop the climate issues, real or not they can wait; drop the healthcare issue, needed or not, we can’t afford it now and the people do not want it.  Drop these social reform ideas and become what he must become, a war-time President.  I know he doesn’t want it, I know he didn’t run thinking he’d be a war-time President, but that’s the reality.  He needs to wake up and step out of the DNC plan-book for a while and really take action concerning our national security.  Drop the political correctness, drop the euphemisms, drop the liberal friendliness, and get to work on the hard decisions facing him.

07.  The U.S. Economy.  Any U.S. President that supports continued spending in the face of TRILLIONS of dollars of debt is a wrongdoer and a pockmark on the face of our great nation.  This stands true for Presidents on both sides of the political spectrum.  The government is literally out of control in spending, and it’s been the case even before President Obama came along.  Economic weakness equals military weakness equals fragility and vulnerability, exactly the things enemy nations and terrorists are waiting for. It has perhaps never been more important to attain financial stability in the face of such issues, but instead of acting in accordance with these realities, President Obama has continued to operate as if we’re not in a recession as if he were not in a war and as if he were overseeing economic high times affording him the indulgence to focus on social reform spending.

Our President has his priorities out of order and his blinders on.  Three issues should be continually in the forefront of Obama’s schedule (and chance nothing else):

  • National Security at home
  • National Security abroad
  • The U.S. Economy

Period.  End of sentence.  All the other social wizardry and ideological scheming must wait for another day.  Put politics aside and run this nation as the Constitution allows.

Though President Obama has clearly forgotten his campaign promises, let’s hope he hasn’t yet forgotten the oath he took to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

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46 thoughts on “Obama: Seven Deadly Sins

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