Support Continued Production of the F-22

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F22elmendorf_375x300Though Obama is seemingly unable to say no to any spending bill that comes across his desk, he has no problem cutting spending on one of the most important facets of our national security: the F-22 Raptor, 5th generation tactical fighter jet.   I believe Obama is wrong to want to cut funding for more F-22’s.  Here’s someone with more clout who agrees with me.

Retired Gen. Merrill McPeak, who was the Air Force chief of staff during the 1991 Operation Desert Storm and who credited air power with winning the war stated:

The [F-22] is a game-changer and people seem to forget that we haven’t had any of our soldiers or Marines killed by enemy air since 1951 or something like that. It’s been half a century or more since any enemy aircraft has killed one of our guys. So we’ve gotten use to this idea that we never have to breathe hostile air.

If we allow ourselves to become complacent in the area of air-technology and superiority, we will soon see that superiority disappear.  China and Russia are working around the clock trying to develope tactical jet fighters to rival and surpass our fleet.

187 F-22 fighters is all Obama believes we need.  According to McPeak, when you take that 187 and minus those number of planes that will be in repair, and used for training, etc,  he said the actual number of planes we’d have available at any given time during a war would be 100.  He said that would be us at a substantial risk.


Contact your state Senators and inform them that you support more funding to build more F-22 aircraft.  Our nation’s security and defense relies on it now and in the future.

[Some say we can’t afford more government spending.  Those who say so are correct.  The key distinction is this.  We can’t afford more government spending on social agendas and projects.  We can and must afford government spending on national defense.  Government has a legitimate role in defending this nation militarily.  Government does not have a legitmate role in social programs.]

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