Ten Things to Consider: Obama Nation

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01.  …five days later and Obama has yet to take any action against N. Korea.

02.  Pakistan, and all its nukes, is on the verge of collapse/chaos and Obama still promotes Defense spending cuts.

03.  A United States citizen is, even as I write this, held captive by pirates off the coast of Somalia… and Obama still promotes Defense spending cuts.

04.  Iran, an Islamic nation that holds no regard for non-Muslim countries or international laws, who openly promotes anti-Semite ideology, and who, by the way, executes teenage girls for “unchaste behavior” is open to “talks” with the United States as long as we come to them “with mutual respect.”  They don’t want us to tell them they can’t continue to pursue nuclear technology (read: weapons).

05.  Iran desperately seeks nuclear Power and is fast on the track to having it.

06.  Obama seeks about $80 billion in funding for upped war efforts in Afghanistan and diminishing war efforts in Iraq.  Didn’t Obama campaign on the slogan “I’ll bring our troops home”?  Didn’t he often say “I’ll end this war”?  Do you think his supporters understood him to mean “I’ll end this war in order to start another one”?  Is this change his supporters can believe in?

07.  Maybe Obama is just another politician.  Maybe he’s just another smooth talking liberal democrat in the White House. 

08.  Maybe we’re in bigger trouble than we think.

09.  Hillary Clinton is our nation’s Secretary of State.  (Think about it.)

10.  Maybe we should drop the term “international community” and instead speak in terms of governments who are allies and those who are not.

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One thought on “Ten Things to Consider: Obama Nation

  1. oddnotunusual Post author

    We love things in lists and numbers, don’t we?

    My readership more than triples when I post a blog that is in the form of “Three ways…X, Y, Z…” or like this one “Ten things to consider.”

    Perhaps it’s that the information is more accessible, but isn’t it also true that to number things like that it usually amounts to little more than bullet points? Are we always in search of the quick info-dump?

    We don’t want to spend a lot of time to get the information we need. Is that another way of saying we’re lazy? Or perhaps just that we value our time. I wonder.

    With all the blogs out there, the forums, the chat rooms, the bulletin boards, etc, it’s not surprising that the reader’s time is at a premium- I guess the trick then is to find ways to convey my ideas into more easily digestible clumps. 🙂


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