The Obama Response to North Korea: 2 Wrongs Make A Right?


Obama’s response to N. Korea is wrong in at least two ways:

20090128001201.  Instead of taking action with our allies, Obama awaits answers from the “international community” (whatever that is- you tell me; I beg you) and the U.N.  The U.N. is still unable to come to any decision (shocking?).  Indecision is the same as not acting at all- and this is exactly what N. Korea and its like-minded acquaintances depend on.  Btw, Anyone notice that the two major players who did not support aggressive action against N. Korea are China and Russia?  Is anyone surprised?  You shouldn’t be.  It is in their best interest to weaken the United States in any way possible.  An indecisive and castrated United States (by way of the U.N.) is just the sort of United States that China and Russia want to deal with. 

The more N. Koreas and Irans out there the better, so says China and Russia.  The N. Koreas and Irans serve as useful distractions whereby China and Russia can continue their own march towards military might less fettered.  Furthermore, not only is N. Korea a source of distraction, but China and Russia know that it’s only a matter of when (not if) N. Korean weapons materials end up in the hands of terrorists.  These terrorists so armed will seek to harm the United States and its interests on an even larger scale than they are currently doing.  Better for minor dictators (like Kim Jong) and religious-zealots (like Al Qaeda) to wound the United States with one small blade at a time, than for China and/or Russia to have to pull out the machine guns, so believes China and Russia. 

If the rest of the world isn’t willing to keep the rest of the world safe, we ought to be. 

200901290012All democratic nations agree that N. Korea is an explosively volatile and dangerous regime.  All democratic nations also agree that if N. Korea gets nuclear arms/nuclear materials they will proliferate those materials to others (i.e., terrorists).  Obama should have (in addition to his U.N. pleas for support) connected with our allies (not least Japan) to coordinate several precise tactical air strikes that would take out N. Korea’s missile/nuclear capabilities (or at least send those capabilities back a decade or two).  That’s the right answer to N. Korea’s defiance from the Superpower of the world of that still defends freedom and democracy.

02.  Obama is wrong to seek Defense spending cuts in the wake of N. Korea’s missile launch.  His response is not only wrong, it’s flat out dangerous.

Missile defense and “high-tech” weapons are two of the most crucial elements of our national defense and these are precisely the two elements for which Obama seeks to delay/cut spending (among other Defense expenditures).   As other nations advance their own technology and innovation it is of the utmost importance that we maintain the edge on such areas of our defense.  We cannot let up now just because at present no nation can rival our air-superiority.  At present is even now fading to become history, and China does have aircraft that can rival our own.  If we don’t continue to push the envelope in relation to national defense weapons America will find itself sorely behind the curve in five to ten years.

I’ve said time and time again on this blog that government does few things well.  And, yes,  it’s arguable how “well” government does defense.  But one thing is for certain: government does defense a hell of a lot better than anything else it does.  Furthermore, national defense is one of the few legitimate roles of government- it should be embraced and even coddled by Obama, not decreased.

Obama, I urge you, for the sake of the security and defense of our country, to substantially cut domestic/social spending thereby allowing increased government funding and investment in those areas of defense most crucial now and in the years to come. 

Promote and invest in fifth generation aircraft (e.g., F-22’s and F-35’s).  Promote and invest in strategic missile defense.  Stand by your words spoken to our troops just yesterday: ensure that they will be fully supported and funded for their operations.  Democracy around the globe and the United States Constitution depends on it.  “Words must mean something.”   

 *     *     *

Moreover, Obama’s answer to our nation’s economic woes is wrong:  Instead of cutting government spending, balancing the budget, and paying off some of our debt, Obama proposes to increase spending at a rate unprecedented in American History, leaving us economically more vulnerable and fragile than ever before.  If we cannot be economically solvent, if we cannot operate with fiscal stability, then all the other avenues of diplomacy lose their thrust and relevance.  America’s first priority for Defense is having a stable economy. 


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