I Will Not Vote For Barack Obama: Two Reasons

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An Obama presidency, I believe,  would be detrimental to this country in several ways.  Two of them could potentially put the country in such a bind as to take years and years to recover from (if ever).  Here follows my thoughts concerning those two things.


Universal Healthcare.  The first major reason why I would not vote for Obama is that he supports and has promised his supporters that he will work towards creating a “universal healthcare” system in the United States.  Another term for universal healthcare is socialized healthcare.  That term should put up red flags.  Socialism.  Socialized.  In short, the federal government would provide ‘healthcare’ (the definition of which is hotly debated based on what is covered and what isn’t, etc.) to all Americans who wanted it.  This plan would of course cost billions of dollars.  Taxes would have to be raised substantially in order to pay for it. 


I personally believe that a socialized system of healthcare would not only be inefficient and bureaucratically obtuse, but it would end up costing us (the middle-class) much more than health care currently costs.  I also believe over time it would lower the quality of healthcare across the board.  Currently, the United States has the most sought medical treatment in the world.  A so-called universal healthcare system would put the Feds in control of our medical system.  The federal government: the same people that run Social Security, which is nearly bankrupt, and Welfare, which has been in constant need of reform seemingly since it was begun.  The federal government, run by lawyers, career politicians, and special interest groups, would be in control of the healthcare that your family depends on.


Socialized healthcare’s likely inefficiency coupled with its billion dollar price tag still speaks not at all to the giant leap forward such a move would be towards Socialism in the United States.  This latter reason should be reason enough to be weary of the idea.  Alexander S. who lived and was persecuted under Communism in the Soviet Union said (paraphrasing), “a nation that practices socialism, is a nation wherein the people become completely demoralized…”


Barack’s desire to socialize healthcare speaks to his core liberal political ideology, a political ideology that runs contrary to the capitalistic principles upon which this country was founded, and upon which the fundamentals of our economy still thrive.




The War in Iraq.  The second major reason why I would not vote for Obama is his position and promise to his supporters concerning the war in Iraq.  Obama supports a ‘timetable’ approach to the war.  In short, he promises to pull out all U.S. troops from Iraq within 15 months of his presidency (the actual time-span that he originally stated has fluctuated somewhat during his campaign). 


What does this mean?  It means that instead of having a military or diplomatic goal, such as ‘eliminating the terrorist insurgents from Iraq,’ or even ‘staying long enough to ensure that the Iraqi people can defend themselves by way of their own police, and infrastructure/government’ … instead of something like that, Obama supports what is little more than an arbitrary time table for withdrawal.  This means that no matter what is happening in Iraq at the time… once 15 months is up… we pull out.   It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if that’s the U.S. policy concerning the War, the terrorists will simply wait- biding their time- for the U.S. to leave the region, leaving a wide open range for them to infiltrate anew and undeterred.  Furthermore, to have a President that has promised his supporters that he will withdraw the troops by such and such date (sooner if possible) the enemy has every reason to continue suicide bombing, etc, in order to create more motive for that President to pull out (all the sooner). 


By contrast, a President who vows to fight the war until ‘victory’ is achieved (defined in some clear way) will give the enemy no such motive or hope of success.  Rather, the terrorists will know they are fighting a committed enemy and some among them and without might even eventually find it futile to continue the battle (as has happened in many places in that region already).


Anyway, I hope I’ve made myself clear as to why an arbitrary time table is simply bad military policy and strategy.  It would leave the middle east unstable, leaving it vulnerable to falling under a regime not unlike the one we just took out.  In short, it would risk the United States losing everything we’ve already fought for- making the deaths of our troops to be in vain, not to mention the havoc and fear it would wreak upon the people of Iraq who would rightly feel completely abandoned.


After all, why should we expect the Iraqi people to ‘finish’ the job that we started?  (This is a question posed by a local talk-show host, and I think it’s a great question.) 


In a nutshell, to leave Iraq according to a time-table rather than according to the completion of a successful mission, would leave that region unstable, further damaging our inernational standing as well as complicating our already flimsy and weary energy/resources situation.  Whether or not you agree with the inception of the War, we have by this point obligated ourselves on moral grounds to see that the Iraqi people are left with their own country safely back in their hands once their hands are strong enough to support it.  To do so requires military scaffolding that, even as we speak, is succeeding.  As success follows success the scaffolding may be slowly but surely taken away.  To leave prematurely in order to please constituents at home would be utter folly.


Thus, based on Obama’s stated positions concerning the War and Health Care, I could not and will not vote in support of him.

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30 thoughts on “I Will Not Vote For Barack Obama: Two Reasons

  1. Tammy Lynn

    Well good thing Orielly went very soft on Obama and he still got flustered,and stammer & stutter thru the interview,, the man never won a debate, and had his campaign , and his group of voter,who go on the air and say obama was treated unfair, the gave him Real question, to answers, Obama has no experience what so ever and his voter think he has all the experience in the world, all he need is MSnbc & Oberman KOS,
    I can not believe Obama was trying to tell Orielly He is friends with Oberman and blogs on the Daily KOS,
    The Far Crazy Left,, Now if you wondering why Obama going to lose now, A woman He attacked , first Hillary clinton, now then Mccain now Palin, A man who has No experience, ,, Palin has more than he will ever have, I am a Hillary Supporter, who will vote McCain, Funny how the Massiah Obama, can do no wrong, with his supporter, he is losing poll number Fast, 3 weeks ago he talking how he ahead in the polls, Now he say the polls don’t matter, A Two Face to the end,
    Palin has more experience than obama, but obama having the Daily kOS attack her, Obama is a sexist two face Man, Now calling Palin a Pig with Iipstick, everyone know what Obama true colors are,

  2. G

    Hello blogger,

    I would like to respond to your reasons for not voting for Obama. I am well aware that my comment will probably not change your mind however I would like to point to some evidence as to why your argument has flaws.


    Obama has only promised to provide guaranteed eligibility to all those are uninsured. This means if you currently have a plan with a health insurance company you are not required to switch to a government plan. It is another option available that is available to the consumer that creates competition in the marketplace. I can tell you from personal experience having been laid off before trying to afford my previous company’s CORBA plan $1000 per month for a family of three was completely unresonable for someone that is no longer drawing a paycheck. I can tell you that if it were not for my state government providing a children healthcare program my daughter would not have coverage during my period of unemployment.


    I will overlook the fact that US should not have gone into Iraq in the first place. The US made a critical mistake when it disbanded the Iraqi army, many of these same men took up arms and defended their country. The insurgents were formally trained infantry and officers conducting urban warfare that we were ill-equipped to defend. Obama’s policy is to put extreme pressure on the democratically elected Iraqi government to provide the necessary services (construction, military, police, and infrastructure) for its own people. Your argument that the Iraqis can not do this themselves is acknowledging that the US has made this formerly self-succiffient nation into a third world country. Obama’s position of 15 month withdrawl is a period of time to provide Iraqis ample time to get their act together. The current administration has squandered this opportunity, for example, instead of providing the rebuilding jobs to the Iraqis we contracted that out to an American company (KBR) and paid Americans upwards of $100K tax-free to drive trucks in the country. This move can only cause resentment and make more insurgents willing, ready, and able to fight us ‘over there’.

    Those my are points and I feel that Obama’s positions line up with my values and that’s why I’m voting for him.

  3. Frederick Lee Fuller

    Have you ever considered that McCain is a warrior? His father was a warrior, his grandfather was a warrior, and his son is a warrior. What do warriors like to do? Wage war. Basketball players play basketball; warriors wage war. A McCain administration would make war a standard policy for this country and the world. Warriors wage war because they like to; they get a thrill out of killing enemies. As Patton said, it is not the duty for Americans to give their lives for their country. It is their duty to make enemy soldiers die for their country. I will vote for Obama because he is not a warrior and I think he will so everything in his power to stop war. He may not be able to do so because the war machine in this world is extremely powerful. And war is immensely profitable to millions of people. But I’ll put my support with a young, bright, energetic man who will at least try. As for health care, you’re like all conservatives: uncaring and unfeeling.

  4. oddnotunusual Post author


    First off, thank you for writing. I appreciate you taking the time to share your opinions. Allow me to respond to at least some of the points you stated.


    You write: ~~Obama has only promised to provide guaranteed eligibility to all those are uninsured. This means if you currently have a plan with a health insurance company you are not required to switch to a government plan~~

    I don’t see how your elaboration of the plan changes anything that I stated. Yes, you are correct: all those who want to be covered will be guaranteed coverage by the government, to be paid for by the government. And yes, of course, the government would allow tax paying citizens to not only shoulder the burden of higher taxes to pay for the universal coverage, but to also have the option to pay their own insurance premiums as well. Obama is a generous man.

    That’s a win win situation for the government: they get the tax payer dollars from those who have their own insurance policies and those same tax payers are likely not going to utilize the government health services. Put in short, G, I do not see the thrust of your argument here at all, except to state in clear terms that you simply do not disagree with socialized healthcare.

    As for your personal story concerning you and your family, I understand that must have been a very difficult time. My lack of support for a socialized healthcare system does not imply that the current system is free from flaws. There are many and the price of healthcare is one of them. I simply would push for a market answer to the ‘crisis’ rather than have the government jump in to ‘save’ the day.


    You write: ~~~Obama’s policy is to put extreme pressure on the democratically elected Iraqi government to provide the necessary services (construction, military, police, and infrastructure) for its own people.~~~

    Extreme pressure, huh? Wow. Is that the same as intense diplomacy? Or aggressive negotiations? How about stern insistence? G, honestly, I would love it if you could define for me what any and all of these phrases mean. Please explain how the United States could pull out our military support from under the Iraqi people to then exert this ‘extreme pressure’?

    You write: ~~~~Obama’s position of 15 month withdrawl is a period of time to provide Iraqis ample time to get their act together~~~~

    Are you sure about that? You have the clairvoyance to know what the conditions will be in Iraq fifteen months after the election? I notice also you didn’t respond to my points concerning an arbitrary pull-out date.

    Your arguments concerning the War I think are misinformed and naïve. You stated that the United States’ dethroning of Saddam Hussein turned a self-sufficient country into a third world country. I have hardly heard in my life such a mischaracterization. The United States dethroned a tyrant who mercilessly ruled his people- leaving the vast majority of the population in fear and poverty, while Saddam’s upper circle lived off the fat of the land. Furthermore, Iraq is not now a ‘third world’ country. It’s a burgeoning democracy with a bright future now that the people can rule themselves (ideally).

  5. oddnotunusual Post author

    Frederick Lee Fuller,

    Thank you for your impassioned post.

    When terrorists flew planes laden with innocent women and children into the World Trade Centers (laden with civilian men and women) was that an act of war?

    My question for you, Frederick, is this: what should the United States’ response be to the terrorist attacks on September 11th?

    McCain will continue to hunt down and weed out terrorists. If that makes him a ‘warrior,’ then so be it.

    If you think that Obama will not proactively and aggressively seek out terrorists, what do you think he would/should do? And how long before the next September 11th?

    War is a horrible reality. I agree with you there. But sometimes, like when Hitler was exterminating Jews by the millions, wars must be waged to stop such evil. Do you agree with me or not?

    Where do you stand, or do you simply sit back and wait for the next terrorist attack against innocent American women and children?

  6. mom

    hey to Fredrick Lee, IF someone is a warrior, Dosen’t Mean they only Like to wage war, that is not a very Thought out Sentence. John F. Kennedy served in a war, He got injured, does that make him a Warrior? my uncle got shot in a war, he was in the service, does that mean he “Loved to Shoot People? I dont’ think so! what about Pat Tillman the Football player from ARizona Cardinals, He was a Hero and a warrior and a Football player. He didn’t want to die, you make anyone who ever was in a war sound like they “Crave Blood”…thats just silly. L.m.S.

  7. Frederick Lee Fuller

    Thanks for reading. Kennedy, Tillman, and perhaps your uncle were not trained as warriors. They got boot camp training, but McCain went to West Point, trained as a warrior, then practiced his “profession” in Vietnam. Like his father and grandfather, he followed the family “business”. Tillman volunteered. He was a football player, and only a warrior because he wanted to fight for his country, a noble reason. I know nothing about your uncle.

    Our involvement in World War II was absolutely necessary. If we had not gone to war, we would be speaking German and or Japanese now. Hitler and the Empire of Japan wanted the world and were bound to having it. I remember that war and bow to all who gave everything to stop the Nazis and the Japanese warlords. Kennedy was a war hero, too, but I do not remember his wearing it on his sleeve as McCain does. And I do not think Kennedy was a warrior; I think he was a pacifist who chose to fight for his country.

    Indeed, McCain has several axes to grind, I think. First, as a Vietnam veteran he is, I’m sure, ashamed that we lost that one, and we did. I know many Vietnam veterans and they all say that they are ashamed of what happened, and they are also very angry with how we treated them when they came back. What a feather in his cap if McCain could validate America’s strength by winning in Iraq, a sovereign nation, completely innocent of ever attacking the United States, invaded and ravished by us following a president who systematically lied to us about Iraq. If McCain really believed in America’s rejection of unilateral invasion, he would be wanting to get out of Iraq and apologize for killing their people and for backing a president who killed over 4,000 of our men and woman. He killed Saddam (Yes, I know the Iraqi government pulled the trap door, but we were solidly behind them.) who was innocent of 9/11. A really bad guy, Saddam was, but no overt threat to us.

    And McCain declares he will “follow him the gates of hell” if he has to in order to get Osama ben Laden. Noble declaration, but ben Laden will never be taken. Why? He is a ben Laden, member of the most powerful family in Saudi Arabia besides the royal family. The ben Ladens may not like what Osama is doing, but they will never give him over to punishment, especially by the infidel West. In addition, the Bushies, especially H.W, are close personal friends with the Saudi family. When H.W. lost his bid for president, he was hosted and soothed by the Saudi family and taken aboard the royal yacht to dry his tears. Osama is a free man and will, in my opinion, be free until he dies.

    The tragedy of 9/11 is not in question, but our response to attack Iraq was not the proper response. Osama was in Afghanistan, we were told, so why go to Iraq? We wanted oil, Iraq has oil, lots of it. Afghanistan and Osama could wait, but if Bush could convince us that Saddam and Iraq were back of 9/11, we could get the oil and get Saddam, who had threatened H.W, his son said. Pretty nifty ploy, which most of us bought, like McCain did. Obama did not, I might add.

    As to what Obama will do, no one knows. We put our trust in G.W. who spoke softly of compassionate conservatism, helping the poor, and fighting corruption. He did none of those things but he did take us to war and create the largest deficit ever. (No, 9/11 was not his fault, but it did give him a wonderful excuse for invading Iraq.) Senator Obama may do just as badly, and McCain may do the same. To predict what either one of them will do is to believe in the Easter Bunny. But for me, I see McCain, an old man, needing to end his life in a bang. I believe he needs to say to himself that by being president he betters his father and grandfather in glory. After all, he’s already a national hero, which does not necessarily make his qualified to be president. Sarah Palin has more executive experience than McCain has. I do not see a McCain presidency changing anything after he is inaugurated. I’m not sure I see change with Obama, either, because Washington is not going to change and we all know that.

    Right now I think the country would be just as safe in the hands of Paris Hilton, Michael Jordan or you. Our government is pickled in the juices of politicians whose mantra is me, me, me, and power, power, power. Even the good ones like Dick Lugar of Indiana are that way, too.

    Thanks for the opportunity to sound off. My opinions are as brilliant and as stupid as the next person, depending if I agree with you or not. In the end I know very little.

    Have a good day.

  8. mom

    wow, you leave much to be Discussed. I will wait to answer back Because, Right now, I am Kinda on a “Sarah Palin” Parade! I love her and She is such a Breath of Fresh air. HOw In the Heck can you predict that Osama Bin laden will never be Caught.? HOw can you Know McCains Intentions or why He would like to become President? seems to me, that you just have lots of Opinions based on “some other Opinions’ Who knows I do not pretend to know some of this Stuff..>Take care.

  9. Frederick Lee Fuller


    Read “The Veiled Kingdom” by Carmen bin Laden, former sister-in-law of Osama. My comments about McCain are purely my opinion based on nothing substantial except about 60 years of observing people and politicians. You’re right to be skeptical of it. But then again, all the crap sailing between the candidates is depraved opinion, too. Distractions so we won’t see what is really going on. Palin? Enter at your own risk.

  10. Lola

    Kudos, Jeremy par usual. But I have to ask, why no comments on McCain? Will I be forced to wait with baited breath, or are you just in “shammies” as of late?
    Oh, and Hi Mom, I sing your praises as well 🙂

  11. oddnotunusual Post author

    Lola, whoever that is…

    Knowing you’re out there reading this means, of course, that I have to put a lot more time into my posts- I can’t get by with just my regular drivel, I have to at least feign intelligence and insight! That’s not easy to do. 🙂

    Quite honestly, though, thank you for stopping by this humble abode of my attempt at blogging.

    It’s quite fun, actually- perhaps you should give it a go.


  12. Lola

    Bene Sperare! No need to feign what already exists! As for me, I’ll sit on the sidelines (for now), reading, watching, and commenting , quite restfully in the shadows while you wallow in the sunlight of your newfound internet celebrity. So bring on McCain Jer-la, I know you must have something to say!

  13. mom

    frederick Lee, What does it mean to you , IF someone Puts their “Country First” before theirselves? What do you Take that to mean? “West Point is a place where men are trained to become Warriors? What? ARe you sure about your assumptions of ‘West point? Because, I think you are beginning to sound like, you are suspicious of anything American. Do you Like America Frederick? would you stand up to someone trying to Drag America Down? oh and at west point do they Say the pledge of Alligence? OH my GOSH!! Wow all that Horrible ‘Patriotic Stuff”…heaven forbid.

  14. mom

    you would like me to read a Book by Former sister in law of Osama Bin Laden? First give me some background on the Book what is it about? and Why should I read it? I am a Pretty Busy Mom these days.

  15. mom

    also, I am for sure not a GW supporter nor a G.W. hater, but you love to refer to him “bringin us into this horrible War and Spending money all over the place,” then you Refer to his Conservative Compassion’ But yu say He did none of it? Do not FORGET Frederick…BUSH Gave more money to Africa to Fight aids, than ANY President before him!…I kinda think that Sounds Compassionate? would yu call that Compassionate Frederick?

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