Older Vid Still ‘blowing up’

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The growing interest in politics as we approach the elections is
perhaps the reason a video I made some months ago is yet again garnering
a lot of interest and comments.  The video itself having now been seen
some 16,000 times.  I thought I’d post it here again for those of you
who missed it the first time. 

My point, it should be noted,
 is not that I desire revolution with a capital ‘r’ but rather that any
 sober look at the paws of government will reveal claws long and razor sharp. 
The monster isn’t asleep but looking to dig deeper, but slowly, always very slowly.
You tell me how to stop the monster.

This second video is an admission from my youth.  An admission of sorts. 
I used to have a crush on D’arcy from Smashing Pumpkins- one of the
first female bassists that I had ever paid attention to.  Even now, seeing her brings a smile
to my face. 

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3 thoughts on “Older Vid Still ‘blowing up’

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